Kara Wahlgren

Kara Wahlgren

Writer, editor, photographer.

Philly-area freelance writer specializing in health, fitness, nutrition, and personal finance. karawahlgren@gmail.com

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Customer right article

The Customer ISN’T Always Right

You’ve probably heard this before -- either as a chirpy mantra from a people-pleasing business owner, or as an indignant argument from an angry customer -- but it’s not true.

Criticism article

How to Handle Criticism Like a Pro | Design Aglow

Take a deep breath and read these tips for handling criticism with grace, bouncing back, and doing damage repair to your reputation.

Disc short article

Don't Sell Your Disc Short | Design Aglow

Why putting a rock-bottom price tag on your most valuable product can spell disaster for your bottom line…and your reputation…and your ability to do this thing you love for a living.

Daextra1000 article

10 Simple Ways to Make an Extra $1000 This Month | Design Aglow

Here are some easy ways to add to your bottom line. Mix and match them until you find a combo that works for you!

Dabomb article

How to (Not) Bomb an Ordering Session | Design ...

Do you feel like your images are stellar, but your sales are lackluster? Here are a few common mistakes that can stifle sales -- and how to overcome them.

Daforfree article

Is It Ever Okay to Shoot for Free? | Design Aglow

You have every right to say no (no matter what your friends think) and every right to say yes (no matter what other photographers tell you).